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Rock Hoppers Kids Club
For intermediate and early high school aged kids (8yrs +)
Meet every Monday during the school term at either 4.30-6pm or 6-7.30pm
Costs are your entry fee ($14.00 per session including harness hire, or a membership or 10 session pass), and a term tuition fee (usually approx $70).

Make sure you register for the upcoming term well before week 1 - call us on 847 5858 to ask about booking. Cut off for registration is after the second session of the term.

What is the Rock Hoppers kids club?

Rock Hoppers are a group of young people (8yrs+) who attend a coached group weekly, in order to improve fitness, strength, courage, communication skills, and rock climbing skills.

Kids warm-up and stretch as a group, learn to safely set up their own harnesses, do lots of climbing and bouldering, and play climbing games with an emphasis on developing technique and inspiring advanced climbing.

The group are taught how and allowed to belay each other so parents can choose to stay or leave.
Trips to competitions are an option (attending competitions held in Hamilton at Extreme Edge is pretty much compulsory).

Call, email or visit to learn more and check out the pictures from various Rock Hoppers activities in Galleries link.

Senior Rock Hoppers Training Squad

We run a group for more experienced climbers aged 12+. This is for kids who are getting to a competitive level. It is compulsory to complete the course run on Monday before being invited to join this training squad. If you have been involved in coaching programs in another city, ask us about this group.